History Of Vsave

Vsave.org was created in a time before the cloud craze. In 7th grade, Ian Rugg found that while using computers in school, the teachers always required you to save you files to a flash drive or Compact Disc and then bring it home with you. This was the only way to transfer large files between multiple computers at the time.

Ian saw many of his classmates struggle as they would forget the flash drive or CD at home or at school where their files would be lost forever. To remedy this, Ian began work on what would become the first ever, fully cloud/web based file transfer system. At the time of launch, Vsave was the only system of it’s kind and it quickly took off. Expanding to over 18 countries and touching every part of the globe. Students and professionals everywhere started using Vsave.

“I remember walking through the library one day and saw someone using Vsave, it was the coolest thing ever”, said Ian, “I had no idea who this person was, and yet they found my little site and was using it!”

Vsave went through many versions trying to fine-tune where it fit in the cloud based world huge competitors started rolling out competing products. As Google, Microsoft, and DropBox all entered the space, it was evident that Vsave could no longer sustain itself.

In 2014, Vsave.org officially shut down and thanked it’s users for many long years of business.

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