The All-New Olokoo

Olokoo LLC was founded as a way to bring small companies beautifully designed, high performance websites at a fraction of the typical cost. We have helped dozens of small businesses enter the digital era with top-notch websites. Through the love of web architecture, design, and development, we have been able to put clients first and deliver under-budget and on-time.


Since the founding of Olokoo in 2007, we have become much more than a web development firm. 10 years later, in 2017, we announced new services and products as Olokoo Industries.

A Bit About Ian Rugg

I'm an Entrepreneur, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Engineer, Caffeine Dependent Life Form, Digital Photographer, Drone Pilot, and more.

Ian Rugg

Engineer • Web Designer • Profesional

Ian Rugg has over 12 years of Web Development under his belt, and has been engineering even longer. He is self-taught and has built dozens of web applications both professionally and for personal use. Ian founded Olokoo LLC as a way to bring small companies beautifully designed, high performance websites at a fraction of the typical cost. At this point, Olokoo is known for its quick prototyping and application turnaround.

His enthusiasm for all electrical engineering started at an early age, providing him with a stable foundation in the field.

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A Few Cool Projects

A portfolio of projects worked on by either Olokoo, Ian Rugg, Observer Ventures or other associates.

Warrior is known for their high quality and great prices on lacrosse and hockey products. Ian Rugg assisted in the development of the eCommerce giant

My personal website/blog. Just a fun place to read some reviews on drones and other tech stuff.

New Balance Team

New Balance is one of the most iconic athletic companies. This site caters to teams, providing them with custom stores and custom products. (Ian Rugg assisted in the development)

Simplytics provides information key to the expansion and stability of your website. Track links, buttons, forms, and mouse movements, with just one line of code.

Fine Machinery Co.

This website was built for the local machinery reseller, Michael Fine Machinery Co. Built on the heavily modified WordPress Backend, OlokooPress.


The advanced cloud note taking system for coders. Syntax highlighting, end-to-end encryption, rich text, dynamic sharing, and you can customize it all!